Criminal Record Clearance

Criminal Record Clearance

February 4, 2015 Off By Richard Saelim

Applying for a US visa will normally need a criminal record clearance certificate which has been issued by Thai Police in Bangkok. It can be a drawn out affair to obtain the certificate in Thailand so speak to your immigration lawyer about the application process. All certificates are issued at Thai Special Branch in Bangkok. The following would normally be needed for the clearance certificate to be issued. Check again for any changes as the rules in Thailand do change often.

Criminal Record Clearance

The following documents are normally needed:

  • A photocopy of her current passport
  • Also a photocopy of her Thai ID card
  • A photocopy of her House registration in Thailand
  • In case of name or surname change, a photocopy of name or surname change certificate

Criminal Record ClearanceNote that if your Thai wife or Thai fiancée has had a different surname then she needs to have a copy of the ‘name change certificate’ which the District Office in Thailand will issue. This needs to be provided with her passport and Thai ID card with the Tabian Baan or House registration papers in Thailand. The following are not normally needed by Special Branch for Thai women.

  • A photocopy of Military Service Document (Sor Dor 8 or Sor Dor 43)

If you Thai fiancée is divorced she will need a copy of her divorce certificate as well when making an application for the certificate. If you are already married and she is your Thai wife you need to also provide a copy of the marriage certificates. These would be both certificates which had been issued to you when you registered you marriage in Thailand. Both the multipage certificate and the one that looks like a diploma certificate.

  • A photocopy of Marriage certificate or Divorce certificate (if available)

Finger printing is done at Special Branch in Bangkok. Note that if your wife has a criminal record especially for drugs or prostitution then there will be a problem with inadmissibility. Speak to an immigration lawyer about these issues and a possible waiver for this. There is a difference between shoplifting and murder.

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The Thai police Clearance Certificate is one of many documents needed for a CR1 visa or K3 visa for your wife or the K1 visa for your Thai fiancée. See this website for other documents which will be needed such as:

Immigration can be a very complex issue. So it is best to put the right foot forward in order to avoid delays and additional costs. Obtain the services of a law firm in Bangkok for an easier visa process.