K1 Visa in Thailand

K1 Visa in Thailand

February 4, 2015 Off By Richard Saelim

This is the K1 Visa in Thailand. The US Visa or K1 Fiancée Visa in Thailand is a visa which was intended for those who are planning to bring their Thai fiancée to the United States for the purpose of getting married. When entering the United States you and your Thai fiancée will have 90 days in which to get married and complete the adjustment of status. If you do not get married in 90 days your fiancée will have to leave the US.

K1 Visa in Thailand

What is the US Fiancée Visa timeline?

The first step is to send a petition to the USCIS in the US. You can start the process in Thailand if you are an expat and have lived in Thailand for a long time. Once submitted after about 2 weeks the USCIS will then send you a letter in the US or in Thailand if the process was stated here, telling you that they have received your petition and will process it.

After about 2 months you will then receive another letter from them telling you that your visa petition has now been approved. They will then forward your petition for the K1 Visa to the National Visa Center for further review and processing. See further below for a US Visa for a Thai national below.

K1 Visa in Thailand

After approximately 4 weeks the National Visa Center will forward the packet to the US Embassy in Bangkok. The US Embassy in Bangkok will send your Thai fiancée a packet explaining what she needs to bring for her Embassy interview. This is known as Packet 3. Your fiancée will then take this packet to your visa attorneys in Bangkok to K1 Visa in Thailandstart the collection of documents that will be needed.

Once he documents have been submitted and after the embassy interview. It usually takes three to four business days to process the US fiancée visa for you. Depending upon the state in which you live. The petition usually takes between 4-6 months from USCIS receiving the packet to actually obtaining the visa.

K1 Application process

These are the basic of the K1 visa application process in Thailand. You can also read the FAQ on the US visa process on this website. If you have any questions related to the visa process then speak to an immigration lawyer about your concerns. Note that the US government views a tourist visa application. With the intention of getting married in the US as possible fraud. It is always best to obtain proper legal advice before you start the visa application. While the lawyers in Thailand might draft all the documents. It is also important to ensure that you have all the needed documents which may be needed later. These include a criminal record check as well as the medical examination which would need to be completed.

Search this website for more details of your visa options and also the requirements for other visas such as a K2 visa for the child or children of your fiancée for the K4 visa for your children with your Thai wife. The financial requirements have also been listed on this website to see if you qualify. See also the notary public in Thailand here.



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