K1 Visa Questions

K1 Visa Questions

February 4, 2015 Off By Richard Saelim

Do you have K1 Visa Questions? These are the most common questions for the US Visa application process in Thailand. If you are looking for more information about marriage registration or retirement then you can also check the links on this website for more detail. The fiancée visa and spouse visa are the most common visa applications in Thailand. The tourist visa for the US is very difficult to obtain in Thailand.

K1 Visa Questions

Search this website for more information about your US visa in Thailand. These are the most common questions. If you have any other questions which are not covered then contact us for more information.

Can I apply for a US tourist visa to get my Thai fiancée into the US to marry her?


It is very difficult to obtain a tourist visa in Thailand for the US. It is estimated that more than 90% of US tourist visa applicants are rejected at US Embassies. If you want to get your Thai fiancée to the US on a tourist visa you will encounter many problems. It is best to apply for the correct visa such as the US spouse visa and as well as the US K1 Visa if she is your fiancée.

What are the financial requirements for the US visa?

At present anyone earning more than $17,112.50 meets the income requirement for bringing their Thai fiancée into the US. If you are active military then the requirements are even lower. You need to speak to a lawyer about this as you only need to make the poverty line in the US income levels as has been set out on this website – financial requirements. If you do not meet the financial requirements then you can use the equity in your property to cover the financial shortfall. If you still do not meet the financial requirement then you could look at a co-sponsor such as your parents.

Can my Thai fiancée bring her child(ren) with her to the United States?

If you are applying for a K1 visa for your Thai fiancée then you can also apply for a K2 visa for the children. The same goes for the K3 spouse visa which has a K4 children’s visa. You need to tell your lawyer in Thailand beforehand about your intentions. Taking children across international borders is a difficult process.

K1 Visa QuestionsCan my Thai fiancée travel outside the US on a K1 visa after entering the United States?

Once your fiancée enters the US she can travel once she has a ‘green card’. If she has not obtained a green card as yet then she needs to apply for advance parole to travel out of the US. Note that if she leaves the US before she gets a ‘green card’ or not having advance parole then the US government will view it as an abandoned visa and she would need to start the process again from scratch.

Why was my fiancée ineligible for a US Visa?

There are certain conditions and/or activities which may make an applicant ineligible for a visa to the US. We have listed an example below of ineligibilities:

  • Drug trafficking
  • Having HIV/AIDS
  • Overstaying on a previous US visa
  • Practicing polygamy
  • Advocating the overthrow of the government
  • Submitting fraudulent documents

If you have any further questions then speak to an attorney in Thailand or search this website for more details about your options in Thailand for taking your Thai fiancée or Thai spouse back to the US.