US Visa denial

US Visa denial

February 12, 2020 Off By Richard Saelim

Had a US visa denial? Thought the visa application process for a B-1/ B-2 Tourist visa is quite simple, the last thing the United States government wants is for the whole process to become an easy means of entry for those who want to work in the United States or live there for a long period of time. Because of this, every visa applicant is required to state their non-immigrant intent or show proof that they are tourists and will be leaving the country on time. The US Visa denial in Thailand is not uncommon.

US Visa denial

US Visa denialProof required by the State Department for non-immigrant intent:

  • Sole reason for the trip is pleasure, or medical treatment;
  • Plan to stay in the United States only for a specific period of time;
  •  Visa applicant has sufficient funds to cover all the costs while in the United States;
  • Also the visa applicant should show proof of economic and emotional ties to home country, such as family, education or a job;
  • Visa applicant should have a house, apartment or other form of residence outside the United States as well as other binding ties ensuring your return after your permitted stay;

The applicant will be expected to provide documents as evidence to prove these things stated above. Documents such as travel itinerary, round-trip tickets, home or property lease and bank statements will be needed. Failure to provide proof would result to having your tourist visa application rejected. Also, your answer to the questions during the visa interview is very important.

Visa rejection based on Fraud

  • Some applicants are tempted to lie or cover up facts when providing the requirements for the US Visa application. Some might deny a past criminal conviction, or that they have family members in the United States. Fraud also comes up as a problem in the future. This if your file shows a history of lies regarding the previous US visas that you have obtained or applied for.

Visa rejection based on Criminal Record

  • For those with criminal record or a history of espionage or any linkage to terrorist groups, your visa application to the United States also has a strong chance of being denied. Not every crime is grounds for denial, it is recommended to consult an immigration lawyer regarding this matter.

Visa rejection based on Past Immigration Violations

  • If you have a history of overstaying on your previous visa, or spent time in the United States without proper authorization, your visa application can be bound for reevaluation to make sure that you don‘t violate again.

Visa rejection based on Grounds of Inadmissibility

  • United States Immigration laws have a long list of reasons. This that may find individuals inadmissible or ineligible. this for a visa to the US or green card. If you have illness or have been deported before, or a drug abuser. You cannot expect to be granted a US visa.

The US Visa denial is very complex and covers all US visas from Thailand. Also see other US visa options such as the K1 visa as well as the K3 visa and CR1 visa.