Marriage Registration in Thailand

Marriage Registration in Thailand

February 4, 2015 Off By Richard Saelim

This is about marriage registration in Thailand. If you are getting married in Thailand then you need to know the basic for the marriage registration process. Most people who are taking their wife back to the US normally ask immigration lawyers in Thailand to bundle the process for them like a one stop shop. Obtain the marriage registration and start the K3 visa process or the CR1 visa process in Thailand when complete.

Marriage Registration in Thailand

The marriage registration process begins at your local US Embassy in Bangkok. This is normally an overnight process where you have to complete a form and make an application for a ‘certificate of no impediment’ which states that you are allowed to get married. If you are divorced or your wife had died then you need to provide the Embassy with copies of your divorce decree or copy of the death certificate for your spouse if she died. It’s best not to do this at the end of a week as there is a possibility that you will have to stay in Bangkok for the week-end to obtain the certificate on a Monday. Once this has been issued you need to have this certificate certified.

Marriage Registration in Thailand

Marriage Registration in ThailandThe certification process is done at the Thai Department of Foreign Affairs. This normally takes another day to complete. The department is located outside of Bangkok in an area called Laksi. Here they will take the certificate and stamp it as having been verified and authentic. Once this certificate has been authenticated you now have to take the certificate to the local District Office in Thailand. The Amphurs office will take this certificate and its certified translation and issue you with a Thai marriage certificate. The Amphur will issue you with 2 marriage certificates. The first is a multipage document and the second looks like a high school diploma. When you apply for a visa they will require both certificates from you.

What is required

With this marriage certificate you can now apply for a Thai marriage visa if you are going to stay in Thailand or you can use this certificate if you are now applying for a K3 Visa in Thailand to take you Thai wife back to the United States.

The documents you will need:

  • Your passport
  • Also your certificate of no impediment
  • Your Thai fiancée’s ID card
  • Your Thai fiancée’s Tabian Baan (House Registration certificate)
  • Translated documents (certificate of no impediment, divorce decree, death certificate)
  • Copy of your Thai fiancée’s divorce decree and/or name change certificate

Firstly at the time of writing these where all the documents needed to register your marriage in Thailand however procedures do change in Thailand more often than not. Always check for the latest changes with an immigration lawyer in Bangkok.

Finally if you are looking for more information about immigration and US visa issues then search this website for more details. We have listed most issues with immigration and the US visa process in Thailand for both married couples, same sex couples and fiancée visa options in Thailand.